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the assistance of our in-house specialist design team

1Batching Mixing Plant
  • Planetary Mixer by Wiggert & Co, Germany ensures a homogenous mix withing the shortest possible time.
  • Two Mixers each with a capacity of 45 cu.m/hr keep the production process run uninterrupted.
  • Fully Automatic controls for incoming material produce a perfect mix with a tolerance of +/- 3%.
  • Four 150Tonnes Silos & Ten 30m3 Aggregate bins feed the mixer for continuous operation.
2Flying Bucket System
  • The Flying bucket is the first stage of the Concrete Distribution System
  • 1.5m3 Capacity buckets by Weckenmann, Germany transmit the concrete from the mixer to the spreader
  • Travelling on Rails and operated through remotes, this system reduces the time from mixer to the table
3Automatic Concrete Shuttle
  • This forms the distribution system for our Hollow-Core Production bay
  • Supplied by Weckenmann, the capacity of the shuttle is 1.5m3/batch
  • It communicates with the flying bucket and transmits the concrete to the slipformer machine.
4Concrete Spreader
  • This comprises the second stage of the Concrete Distribution System.
  • 3m capacity spreader by Weckenmann precisely places the concrete on to the tables.
  • It has 10 gates, operated through remotes which can be opened one at a time or multiples based on the location of pour.
5Surface Smoothing Machine
  • With the help of Weckenmann surface smoothing machine, we are able to produce elements with paint like surface and mirror finishes.
  • This machine runs on rails which gives the wall a perfectly level and smooth surface on the top face.
  • It reduces the man power required for finishing works and provides the best end product we can offer.
6Battery Mould
  • Weckenmann has supplied a Vertical Casting Machine where a total of 10 chambers can cast upto 20 walls at a time.
  • The elements can be of varying thickness adjusted by a hydraulic system which controls the opening sizes.
  • Each of the chambers are fit with form vibrators thus reducing the manpower required for casting.
  • This machine occupies less space than regular tables and is ideal for casting solid walls of any size.
7Tilting Table
  • Horizontal casting tables from Weckenmann are used for production of Wall elements.
  • The tables have high grade machined steel forms which produces a mirror like surface on the elements.
  • The tables have hot water pipes under the deck for steam curing and form vibrators to provide proper compaction.
  • The tilting is done using hydraulic jacks and are designed to lift upto 20 tonnes of precast product.
  • These tables eliminate the need for surface lifters thus keeping the surfaces of the walls clean for erection.
8Multifunction Trolly
  • This machine forms a part of the Hollow-Core production system supplied by Echo Precast Engineering, Belgium
  • This machine serves three purposes in the production process - Cleaning the bed, Oiling the bed, and Pulling Strands along the bed.
  • Its battery operated and moves on the specialised steel beds installed for casting hollow-core slabs
9Slip Former
  • The Slip former machine is the integral part of the Hollow-Core Production system supplied by Echo Precast.
  • It is used to produce 1.2m (4ft) modular slabs of any length and any thickness required by the design team.
  • Tube and mould sets are available in sizes of 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm and 400mm.
  • Operated by One-man electro-hydraulic control and electrical driven wheels with variators, it enables the production to be infinitely variable.
  • The machine is equipped with one stationary front hopper and one hydraulic rear hopper for concrete.
  • It also has two vibrator units with adjustable vibration power.
10Multi Angle Sawing Machine
  • The Multi-Angle Sawing machine by Echo Precast enables the cutting of cured concrete slabs cast in 150m lengths to varying slabs with required lengths.
  • The typical cutting angle is 90deg which can be adjusted to 0 deg for lengthwise cutting and any other degree for angular cutting.
11Miscellaneous Equipments
  • 20T Strand Stressing Machine by Paul using electronic controls and jacks.
  • Over head cranes with 20T and 10T capacity for each production bay.
  • Multiple Mobile cranes with 25T, 60T and 135T capacities for Erection purposes.
  • 20T capacity Gantry Crane on rails for Stockyard and loading.
  • Multiple specialized trailers and A frames for Transportation of Precast Elements.
  • Other supporting equipment used for precast industries.
12Quality Control Lab
  • It is our Quality policy and motive to design, produce, deliver and erect precast concrete components in a way to satisfy the client. Every precast product in our factory is subject to rigorous quality standards and continuous supervision of our Quality Control Department. Daily tests are performed on raw materials and fresh concrete before placement by our Quality Control Engineers.
  • The Concrete is mixed in a Computerized planetary mixer which is calibrated semi-annually as per IS Standards. The Mix Designs are calibrated for Precast Components as well as Hollow-Core Slabs to achieve the maximum efficiency with minimum cycle time.
  • Our Quality Control lab is equipped with testing equipments needed for testing raw materials, fresh concrete and concrete cubes along with a baby mixer to consummate new mix designs with the latest admixtures. Our Quality Control Manual is prepared in accordance with IS and PCI Standards
  • Our Design team comprises of highly experienced professionals with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of applications of Precast Technology for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and residential projects.
  • With the assistance of our in-house specialist design team, we are able to provide clients and their project consultants with design and feasibility solutions. From the initial concept to the final design, their co-operative and collaborative approach to construction reduces costs: improves quality and results in an effective and efficient use of resources.